Buy on road, pick up at our store

A new channel

Pronto is Copec's convenience stores controller. In turn, Copec is the leading Chilean company in the fuel industry with more than 624 service stations and 43% of national market share.

Since 2016, we collaborate with Pronto's Innovation, Integration and Marketing areas facing the challenge of designing a mobile application that pursues the develop of memorable experiences for the users and a sustainable profitability for the business.

150K+ hot dogs have been purchased through Pronto Copec App

A new digital experience

Growing, measurable and profitable

In a joint effort with Pronto, we designed and developed a new mobile application to provide a simple and consistent experience to customers. In addition, the company obtained a new commercialization channel, compatible and integrated with its operational structure.

Scalable architecture

Mobile UX & Design system

Under an agile development paradigm we searched for a scalable architecture. We modeled and designed from atomic elements to implement a complete experience. Based on a discovery process we developed a robust and functional design system aligned with Pronto's application roadmap.

Pick up at your nearest store

Real stock. Real time.

The application communicates with Pronto's inner systems and manages each store inventory providing a real time, dynamic offer to customers. Each store shows its own product availability and each user can choose the store where she wants to buy.

Technology, innovation & empathy

Adoption model in action

We enjoy the challenge of offering an experience that takes into account the synchronicity of the order, the distance to the store and the delivery time. All of this without interrupting the normal operation of each Pronto, offering a fluid and consistent experience. No matter when you buy, you will have your orden on time when you pick up.

Understanding customers

Towards an industry transformation

Trust and empathy are core values we share with Pronto when thinking in their customers. We are moved by the ongoing process of adding value to Pronto App users in an ethical and sustainable way. These are our guidelines to continue in the path of transforming this industry, delivering virtuous and memorable experiences to every stakeholder involved. Every day. Every single time.