The ATM ‘20 experience

Enhancing the analog experience

Aruba Networks is a wireless networking subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, based in Santa Clara, California. Within its international solutions portfolio are present Mobile, Cloud and IoT related technologies.

Each year, worldwide the Atmosphere event is held, in which Aruba showcases it’s strategy and new products to their clients and partners. Also, applied solutions are launched, focused on adding value to businesses and day-to-day lives of people.

Contextual Interaction experiences that enhance a memorable event

Where does ATM starts?

Discover, Design, Resignify

For the 2020 Santiago Local Aruba Atmosphere, the traditional event experience held to date was redesigned and transformed based on the attendants Journey, which was identified to be started as soon as days or weeks prior to the event.

Resignifying the event brought the challenge to enhance the elements that make ATM memorable year after year: High impact technology and the level of professional relationships, harnessing the disposition of the guests when attending (context).


Transform the Journey

Once aware of the attendants’ journey, the UX team focused on adding value to the experience with relevant information according to the day, time and location where the app would be using, regarding the event.

In this way, Aruba Atmosphere’s Mobile App adapts its content to the use context, becoming a facilitating tool, that can be used to know the behavior and profile of the attendants, generating virtuous commercial relationships.

Living at the forefront

Sensorization & Showroom Integration

Known for a wide portfolio of sensors and solutions for the industry, Aruba remains one of the most competitive brands in the profitability of networking solutions. Therefore, the app uses the whole range of WiFi/Bluetooth services from Aruba’s portfolio, aiming to know the user’s context to offer valuable content related to the talks, showroom and stands.

By integrating the iBeacon protocol, Aruba Atmosphere’s Mobile App is capable of identifying the user’s behaviour by displaying unique interactions within every space, and even offer free WiFi connection, integrated directly with Notros’ Captive Portal so that the user doesn’t need to be prompted for credentials, email or other data, the App and Notros handle that interaction quietly.

To live it is the best way to remember it

Massive personalization

Based on the sensor’s and user’s location, real time interactions were activated automatically using proximity with the stands. All of this so both clients and partners can experience Aruba’s technologies showcased at ATM, the same they can offer to their own clients and users.

Features as contextual networking between event attendees, display brand’s surveys, or even make real time polls are all included in this mobile experience.

Learn better

We can improve, faster

A new digital experience, reimagined and taken to a concept as unique as the one you can live at Aruba Atmosphere. This was the challenge which, together with Aruba Chile’s team, made evident that the journey to digitalization is experienced before, during and after the event, one of the best worldwide, in showcasing new technologies.

This App enhances and improves the way that partners communicate with their potential customers, delivering significant and memorable value in the precise moment; generating relevant and immediate information, to continuously improve events.